Saturday, January 23, 2016

Where We'll Stay

We'll "kick back at Manilak" -- Manilak Resort on Manistique Lake in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. When Marc was young, his family had a cabin on the lake and he has so many memories of being there across his life. His paternal grandfather bought the cabin in the 1930s. Sadly, the cabin was sold, so we're staying nearby. I can't wait to see this place that is so special to him.

Here's a link to a site describing the resort. Our cabin is actually in McMillan, two miles north of Curtis, which has the funny slogan, "It Won't Hurt Us to Go to Curtis." It cracks us up so much we used the phrase as the url for this blog.

This old hand-drawn map shows a part of the lake Marc knows so well he doesn't need the map, but it's so charming -- old and brown, now, but still a good map:

Gottlieb's Hole / AKA Mitzi's Hole

The "old cabin" on the right side of the map is where their cabin used to be, and on the far left is Burnt Island. I especially love that the cardinal directions are included.

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