One thing that charms me is that Marc, now 65 years old, doesn't need a map at all. As far as I can tell, his clearest and fondest memories from his childhood were made here, and he sometimes came with just his dad, which was special. He remembers the location of the spots in the lake where it's easy to catch big fish, he remembers how to get anywhere in the area. He tells me about the nearby marshy area that was created to manage flooding, and where he used to go when he was a little kid. But for my sake (I've never been to the UP and always wanted to go), we'll be here:

There's the UP, and the red dot is our location
A zoomed-in view of the Manistique Lakes, and we'll be at the red dot. Marc's old cabin was a bit north,
on the same side of the lake, so we're nearby.

And here is a zoomed-in hand-drawn map of Gottlieb's Hole/Mitzi's Hole. Good fishing there, apparently. This is a very old map, drawn perhaps by Marc's father.